Moisturizing Tone-Up Cream

Moisturizing Tone-Up Cream

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Want to Be Beautiful All The Time?

Leave Your Skin Smooth and Soft!

Moisturizing & brightening, Radiant Skin!

Brightening Reflective Particles:

  • Tone up skin
  • Brighten dull skin
  • Creates flawless skin

Hydrating and Brightening Skin!

Hydration, 3 dullness, fine concealer, light nourishment.

Selected Ingredients to Hydrate and Repair The Skin!

Multiple moisturizing ingredients, nourishing essence.

Facial Skin Aging Problems

Seasonal changes and lack of sleep both cause skin problems

1. Plump skin condition:  Firm and moisturizing skin.

2. Aging skin condition: Loose and dull skin.

Looks Like Wearing No Makeup

Retains skin moisture to maintain skin elasticity

No Need to Wear Makeup


  • Easy Application: Save time to sleep more.
  • Tired Look After Staying Up Late: Toning up and nourishing your face.
  • Clear and Fair Skin: Easily brighten dull skin, Creating a natural look.

Product Test

Fresh and not oily

10 Seconds to Easily Create A Natural Makeup

Product Information

  • Product Name: Moisturizing Tone-up Cream
  • Shelf Life: 3 years (subject to the actual product)
  • Net Content: 50g
  • Suitable For Skin Type: general skin type
  • Product efficacy: clear and moist, natural look, brighten the skin, cover the blemishes, crystal clear, to create a natural nude makeup

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Moisturizing Tone-Up Cream
14,99 kr